What is Heart of the City Foundation?

Heart of the City Foundation (HOCF) was formed to support the charitable programs and development needs of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, as well as other like-minded, Christ-centered organizations. Our goal is to educate our church congregation and the Orlando community about the stewardship of accumulated resources; serve as a manager and executive director of funds owned; and foster opportunities for planned gifts to benefit our four program areas. Reaching beyond the operating budget funded by members’ tithe, we provide a prudent financial platform to provide meaningful charitable grants – while expanding the overall ministry initiatives of the church.

Is HOCF a part of the church?

We serve as the ministry foundation of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, yet our financials and grants are managed independently. HOCF operates as a separate nonprofit 501(c)(3), guided by a distinguished Board of Trustees.

What is the primary focus of HOCF?


Heart of the City Foundation concentrates its efforts on awarding grants to the ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, as well as other merciful charities around our region and abroad. At HOCF, we focus our giving in four key service areas: Discipleship, City Development, Scholarships and Missions. From teaching biblical education and renovating the church campus to awarding college/seminary scholarships and funding mission organizations, our team remains committed to serving these core areas. In addition, we reserve funding for any crisis or emergency aid needs that may develop.


What are some examples of recent grants awarded by HOCF?


We recently awarded a grant to the Shine Children’s Ministry renovation project at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, which illustrates our shared dedication to teaching and inspiring our next generation of Godly leaders. Additionally, we served as title sponsor of the Grace Medical Home “Let’s Say Grace” event, which raises funds in our community to provide quality, affordable medical care to those in need.


How much has HOCF awarded?


Since our inception, Heart of the City Foundation has funded more than $6 million in grants to local and worldwide ministries, community outreach groups, emergency aid programs and educational enrichment.


What types of gifts can I provide?


Our foundation accepts multiple options for gifting and legacy giving, including cash, checks, securities and stocks, real estate, life insurance policies, among other planned gifting options. Whatever the contribution may be, our staff would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your financial advisors to help maximize the impact of your charitable giving plans.


How are donations and gifts invested?


HOCF employs a prudent investment policy that uses a diversified portfolio to protect and preserve the funding for ministries – while ultimately adding value and positioning it for long-term growth. At the beginning of each year, we reserve 4% of the funds we have invested and make that available to award in grants in each of our core service areas: Discipleship, Capital Projects, Scholarships, and Missions. Additional information about our investment funds and reporting results can be requested from our office. 


Are my donations to HOTCF tax-deductible?


Yes, HOTCF is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, which means that all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Please refer to your tax advisor for specifics on deducting your charitable donations from your annual income tax.


How can you ensure that HOCF will remain an evangelical, Christian organization?


We share a Statement of Faith with First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, in which our staff and members of the Board of Trustees are required to sign each year, affirming their assent. By mandating this, we ensure that those in leadership are of like mind.